Spelling Nazi Sends Love Note…

Today – another love note from a business failing spelling nazi!


Last night after about a 14-hour day I launched an email out giving you a 4-step process that will allow you to build your business easier.


And instead of one subscriber just saying thank you, her response was to complain and give me an English lesson.

Here is what needs to be understood.


I do not teach English – I do not care about grammar – sentence structure sight words or non-verb agreement.


It does not matter and you should stop caring about it too. (Unless of course your online business is teaching English).


English teachers get paid terribly – good online marketers get paid very well… you decide which route you would like to take.



This spelling nazi also informed me she would not spend any muney with me because of my errors. Hahaha


Are you kidding – you are really going to let your success in online marketing be determined by a few misspelled words which has nothing to do with what you’re learning from me anyways.


If you’re the spelling nazi type you should probably learn from a university where they will teach you non-sense about marketing and how to get a job that gives you zero freedom…


For you – the one who wants to build your business online and do it successfully – this process will allow you to do just that.


Check out the process here


Shawn Andrew Walker