Silly Facebook, Groups Are For Kids…

It seems there’s another get rych quick thing popping up on FB again and again and again.

What’s crazy, is everyday people go chomping at the bit to spend a butt load of cash buying some training on some silly, never gonna last strategy.

Aright – lets get to it.

The other day – I saw someone promoting a new business model solely using FB groups.

No email list

No capture pages

No nothing

Yeah – this sounds great because there is no overhead but lets really analyze what’s going on here.

If you have a FB group or page or profile – YOU own none of it.

Zuckerburg owns it all – and if he’s not careful the govt may own it.

Successful businesses (all of them) need to capture customer and prospect information so they can continue to sell products.

Lets say you build a monster FB group and are making moolah selling products in that group…

And Then…

Zuckerburg decides to change the rules (like he has 100 other time)… that means your business is gone in an instant.

No email list

No customer list

You got nothing – except the misery of having to start over and the pain of being broke again.

Let people call it old school

Let people call it outdated

Let people say it will disappear

But the most successful will continue to build an email list full of raving fans and repeat buyers

You will always own the list of names who will love to fill your bank account if you do it right.

Everyday I send an email – my bank balance goes up.

You could do the same thing…

Just gotta go here!

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But after that – the price will more than triple!

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