Paid For A Homeless Person…

This was a shocking story for me…

Currently I spend my time living between Texas and Redondo Beach Ca.

And just today I read a crazy story…

Here’s the headline:

L.A. County wants to help build guest houses in backyards — for homeless people

So here’s the low down – if you lived in LA you could be paid to have a homeless person live in your back yard.

There are 58,000 homeless people in LA County and they are trying to get people to build guest homes and granny flats for the homeless in their backyards.

Which – seems crazy to me because the house I currently reside at in Redondo Beach sold for 750K a few years ago and has no back yard.

Now the city wants to pay you a small fee to have a homeless person live in pretty much a Fort or tree house in your back yard.

Crazy to me…

Here’s a better idea – learn a simple Internet business (like the one found here) and rent an apartment.

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Choice is yours…

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