Lifestyle Cold War…

Yesterday a friend reminded me of a story that strikes a nerve deep inside…


He called the story:

Lifestyle Cold War…


The story is Fred, and he may shares some similarities with you and I…


Fred went to law school and became a very successful, but unhappy lawyer. He hated being a lawyer, but continued because he had a family, kids, mortgage and bills to pay.


I met him at a class reunion a year before tragedy struck… Fred was a bitter unhappy man. Fred said “All I do is sweep up behind rich guys. They pay me nothing. I hate what I do and who I work for.”


“Why don’t you do something else”? I asked.


“I can’t afford to stop working, I have bills a house payment and more importantly my first child is entering college.”


Fred made a lot of money via his profession, but he was emotionally angry, spiritually dead, and soon his body followed.

Fred died before his child graduated college.


No amount of money is worth missing your child walk across the graduation stage, walk down the isle or have their first child.



Life is precious and so is your time – there is no need to spend your precious minutes making less then you deserve, working for someone who doesn’t appreciate you, or doing something you dislike.


There are other options – you can have your time – you can dictate your income and you can control your lifestyle.


Avoid getting caught in the Lifestyle Cold War like Fred…


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Shawn Andrew Walker


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