He Was Jealous Of This…

In a recent conversation on the way to going skiing this week, my buddy Chris expressed jealousy and envy.


He was jealous because our mutual friends Mark can go buy new trucks and motocross bikes whenever he feels like it.


My response was “You can too”


He said, “no I can’t, I don’t make enough.”


And I quickly reminded him that Mark couldn’t afford anything at one point either.


In fact – I paid Mark to paint my grandpa’s house a few years back so he could afford his bills.


Mark finally decided he was tired of being broke and went out and changed his life.


I told Chris – you can do the same thing – if you want to live a lavish no restraints type lifestyle you have to do it with something other than a job. (this is one of the ways you can do it).


He started to perk up…


I explained, what if you started a simple online business (I explained this one to him) and you made an extra 2K per month…


Could you afford your motocross bikes?

Could you pay for all your snowboard gear?

Could you go on more vacations?

Would it make your life way better?


What could you do with an extra 2K per month… What if you make 7K per month?


His response was “Heck Yeah!”


I can’t tell you if he will actually take action – it all depends if the pain of watching my friend Mark and I live the lifestyles we choose will be enough to kick him into high gear.


You can dictate your life using this simple system.


We are only getting older, you might as well do what you please when you please.


P.S. I’m spending this winter in an RV skiing around Colorado. With this simple business you can work from anywhere in the world.

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