Crunch Sabotages Lifestyle…

When you toss your plan B by the wayside you can find yourself in a sketchy place.

Check out this short story…


Ok, I’m in a bit of a crunch.

I took a job with a US company in a foreign country. Our entire location was downsized with very little notice, leaving us all to scramble and completely rearrange our lives.  

I have no job or home back in the states. My work permit obviously expires in the country I live in now. I can apply for residence but I have to show regular monthly income of at least $1K/month hitting my bank account.

I can technically buy a few more months in the country as a tourist, and I have enough money saved up to support me until then…with about $10K to get a business started.

I did affiliate marketing YEARS ago but abandoned it for more stable income (regular 9/5). I have no idea what’s hot (is PPV still killing it? lol), what’s pretty reliable, the best place to start to get some instant cash flow (Bing?), etc.

Any ideas or guidance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!


There is no place online to make quick fast cash – if someone has told you otherwise they’re lying.



Hopefully you have set yourself up to never be in the same situation the guy above is…


Hopefully you’re NOT counting on the false sense of security of a job, and you take your lifestyle, your families well being and your income source into your own hands.


Life can be how you choose it and you can dictate your worth with the perfect online business.


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Monday is coming – are you going to be where you want to be at 9am, or where you have to be?


Shawn Andrew Walker


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