Spelling Nazi Sends Love Note…

Today – another love note from a business failing spelling nazi!


Last night after about a 14-hour day I launched an email out giving you a 4-step process that will allow you to build your business easier.


And instead of one subscriber just saying thank you, her response was to complain and give me an English lesson.

Here is what needs to be understood.


I do not teach English – I do not care about grammar – sentence structure sight words or non-verb agreement.


It does not matter and you should stop caring about it too. (Unless of course your online business is teaching English).


English teachers get paid terribly – good online marketers get paid very well… you decide which route you would like to take.



This spelling nazi also informed me she would not spend any muney with me because of my errors. Hahaha


Are you kidding – you are really going to let your success in online marketing be determined by a few misspelled words which has nothing to do with what you’re learning from me anyways.


If you’re the spelling nazi type you should probably learn from a university where they will teach you non-sense about marketing and how to get a job that gives you zero freedom…


For you – the one who wants to build your business online and do it successfully – this process will allow you to do just that.


Check out the process here


Shawn Andrew Walker



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Pain And Restrictions Or…

The risk was real – the reward was bigger…


18 months 7 Days ago I had a choice.


The choice was to have my spine fused and caged limiting my motion for life…





Have two rods and 8 pins bracing my spine hoping my body would heal and then risk another surgery a year later…

If you want to live a life that is extraordinary sometimes you have to go on faith… you have to take a chance.


I took that chance and today the two rods and 8 screws were removed from my back.


I’ll return to having full motion and return to living my life like I did before I broke my back in 4 places.


You have a similar choice with your life and business.



You can live with pain and restriction…



  • Not enough time
  • Not enough moolah
  • A job you may not like
  • A family you want to take on vacation more
  • Things you want, but can’t afford
  • And the list continues (at least for most of us)

Or you can put a little effort in on your home business…


You can invest in this and learn to create the perfect home business giving you the perfect lifestyle.


The life that allows you to wake up and have breakfast with your family…


The lifestyle that allows you to tour around the country in an RV if you want…


The lifestyle that allows you to give back to the community and charities…


The lifestyle the allows you to do as you please whenever you please being the person you wish you could be…


The choice is yours…


Live with pain and restrictions




Build your perfect business using this and take a leap of faith.


Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S. I’m a dream chaser and would love to help you chase your dreams down and live them.


Details are here for your perfect business.

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Sexual Crazy Meter…

Yesterday my mom told me a story of a client she worked with this past year.


She was selling her house to pursue a life goal.

Her life goal was on the crazy side (at least in my opinion).


This woman sold her house so she could follow Toby Keith on tour.


  • She didn’t follow him because she loved the music
  • She didn’t follow him to help spread the word of his music.


She followed him to pursue a life goal…


And her life goal was to have sex with him.


She didn’t care how it happened

She didn’t care what she had to do to make it happen


She just set out to make it happen.


And that included selling her house to have the funds the make this crazy sexcapade happen.


Unfortunately for her she had to sell her house in order to afford the pursuit of her life goal…


Instead of selling her house she could have just set up a simple home business that would have taken less than an hour per day from her hotel room or panel van.



Not sure what your life goal is, but regardless your goals in life you still need to make some smack a roos.


And IMO there is no need to slave away to a job or boss when you can freely live your life… even if that includes a sexcapade with Toby Keith.


If you want your ultimate lifestyle and want to chase down your life goals.


Check out how have other people build you a massive income from home.



Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S. Check out what how much Kevin earned by having other people sell products for him…


Kevin Klaus, a former construction worker, who made over $27,000 within 12 DAYS of working with me, and crossed 6 figures in the following 5 months.


Get other people to make you cash almost everyday.


Details are here


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Online Profit SNAFU…

Everyone trying to build an online business sets out for 1 ultimate thing.


More time.


To achieve more time, most need to make more muney. And of course it’s always nice to buy awesome stuff along the way to achieving more time.


But – there is a catch to building an online business, a SNAFU if you will.


Most people end up with an online job as opposed to an online business.



Allow me to explain…


If you studied copywriting and then someone hired you to write copy – you are now employed. You may own your copywriting business but you don’t make money unless you write copy.


Or maybe you became a fitness consultant – if you only earn money when you are consulting you now successfully own a consulting job.


Freedom doesn’t come from working online – at home – in an office or in an airplane.


Freedom comes from making money when you don’t have to do anything.


Ask yourself this question.


If you leave your online business for a year or more would you return to find it making you more or less?


Chances are there would be no business left to run.


The difference between owning a job and having a business that generates you cash while you do what you want, is a proven system.


People who scrape by are ones that own a job.


People who are wildly successful, they own a system



And the best system to generate wealth online is found right here.


BTW – this story is amazingly awesome.


Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S. If you take advantage of what’s on this page you have a chance for me to pay you to do nothing.


Yeah – you read it write – after you grab this – we will jump on the phone and I will show you how I will pay you to do nothing.


Grab this – then lets jump on the phone.


Here’s my number 972-689-1608 – text me after you grab this and we will chat for 10 min about how I’ll pay you to do nothing.


But – I’m only gonna do this for 10 people so ya better hurry.

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The Art To Attention…

The real struggle marketers have is getting attention.


  • You may have written dozens of blog posts
  • Made countless videos
  • Posted on social media ten thousands times
  • Written pages of emails
  • Tried relentlessly at driving traffic


And when you look at your response rate, it’s negligible.


You ever get the feeling you’re just wasting your time – spinning your wheels and not sure where to go next?


No worries – you’re not the only one and there is an easy solution.

Before you can trigger emotion, which will trigger sales, you have to catch people’s attention.


And in order to catch attention you have to give them a different perspective they have never seen, because they are bombarded with information. Your market is crowded and everyone is saying the same thing.


If you just alter your message slightly you can drastically increase your response rate giving you the chance to make more sales.


Click the image to claim your FREE book today… discover how to create the perfect marketing message and simplify your selling!


If you notice – the most successful people are the ones leading the pack – they may not always be innovating the products – but they are innovating the ideas and perspectives of how the products are sold.


You message is easy to alter when you understand the step-by-step process.


And right now you can get the process free sent to your house.


You just go here to claim your copy.


Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S. This process works for selling almost any product from any medium.


It works for lead generation – blog posts – videos – giveaways – sales letters and everything else that needs to catch attention so you can make sales.


Your copy is waiting here.

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Paralyzed In ICU And Still Making The Rent…

Would you be ok financially if you had some type of accident that landed you in the hospital for a while?


Last year my life almost came to an end.


In a horrific motocross accident I broke my back in 4 places (amongst many other injuries) and spent two weeks in ICU and acute care paralyzed.


After my two-week stay in ICU I was placed in a rehab clinic (it was like boot camp) for a month.


I didn’t return to work for 8 months.


When this happened I had a home business – more importantly I had an asset that would pay me handsomely while I was unable to work.


The Asset Was My List.


Even though I could not walk, I could write an email just like the one you’re reading now.


And from my email list – I was able to generate an income of twice the nationally average for a family of 4, almost every single month.


The most powerful thing you can have in your back pocket is your email list.



It may save you from bankruptcy in the event something bad happens.


It sure saved my hiney – and because I had my email list and knew I would be okay financially… I had less stress and could focus on learning to walk again.


To get help building your email list…


Stroll on over here.


Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S. Step-by-step training and strategy is what will give you the business boost you need… both are waiting for you here – but they won’t wait long.


Details here.

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Structure Trumps The Seat Of Your Pants Marketing…

The most important (as far as safety) jobs in the world are based around structure, around checklist.


Why – simple – if you don’t do it right, people die.


In fact – with safety sensitive jobs most rules and regulations are written in blood.


The last 17 years I’ve been flying airplanes – it’s been a career for the last 13 years. And the structure of how I do things in the airlines (checklist) carries over to how I do things in my marketing business.


Here’s a way you can have more success in your business.


Begin creating checklists of things that work. And then move to the next step.


With each step that works jot down exactly how you did it so that way when you do it again it will certainly work.


When I first started running ads I created what I called an ad book. I wrote down every ad headline that I used.


The ones that worked got highlighted and turned into templates the ones that flopped got starred. That way every time I launched a new ad I could reference my ad book and know potentially what would work.


Avery aspect of my business is built like this… Every training course I have ever sold is also built around this premise.


Just recently a very happy customer said “I have been through a lot of courses and yours is without a doubt the best one”


And I owe it all to structure, because structure trumps the seat of your pants any day.


If you want what I believe is the most comprehensive online marketing training then head over here.


You get the best of what I got. The only thing better would be if I did it for you.


Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S.  Your best business possible, awaits here – why keep it waiting, hit the button.

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