The Internet Is Changing…

A few years back if you knew what buttons to push on a certain website you could make a windfall of cash.


Now – Not so much.


Everyone is starting online businesses.


Everyone is trying to sell products and service online.


And for good reason – if you find the formula for selling online you can truly create the laptop lifestyle.


The one where you work from the beach – or you write a promotion on the airplane as you and your family is headed on vacation.


Yes – the lifestyle is awesome – but you have to find the formula.


Notice I didn’t say you had to find what buttons to push.


No – it truly is a formula – and you can get that formula here.


Enjoy the process – and the formula that can set you up to win online.


It’s all here so you might as well read it and then write it down.


Shawn Andrew Walker

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Crunch Sabotages Lifestyle…

When you toss your plan B by the wayside you can find yourself in a sketchy place.

Check out this short story…


Ok, I’m in a bit of a crunch.

I took a job with a US company in a foreign country. Our entire location was downsized with very little notice, leaving us all to scramble and completely rearrange our lives.  

I have no job or home back in the states. My work permit obviously expires in the country I live in now. I can apply for residence but I have to show regular monthly income of at least $1K/month hitting my bank account.

I can technically buy a few more months in the country as a tourist, and I have enough money saved up to support me until then…with about $10K to get a business started.

I did affiliate marketing YEARS ago but abandoned it for more stable income (regular 9/5). I have no idea what’s hot (is PPV still killing it? lol), what’s pretty reliable, the best place to start to get some instant cash flow (Bing?), etc.

Any ideas or guidance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!


There is no place online to make quick fast cash – if someone has told you otherwise they’re lying.



Hopefully you have set yourself up to never be in the same situation the guy above is…


Hopefully you’re NOT counting on the false sense of security of a job, and you take your lifestyle, your families well being and your income source into your own hands.


Life can be how you choose it and you can dictate your worth with the perfect online business.


To build your perfect lifestyle business, just go here now.


Monday is coming – are you going to be where you want to be at 9am, or where you have to be?


Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S. Details are here – just click now!



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Disturbing Stat Reveals Short Cut…

You’ve probably read the stats dozens of time…


And that stat is – 80% of small businesses (including online) fail after the first year.


Here is what’s shocking…


90% of new franchises renew after their first year.


That means less than 10% of franchises are failing.


Why the difference?


Keeping the business simple.


Starting a business (this includes online businesses) requires much more than the new owner expects.

Lets look at online business for a second.


At first glimpse a home business seems simple.


The person starting the business believes they have a solution that solves a markets problem, and they can easily sell that product/solution to that market.


So they launch a business set out to make their fortune.


This is how all the top guru’s teach online business.


  • Russell Brunson
  • Frank Kern
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Mike Dillard
  • And the list continues forever.


Unfortunately the entrepreneur faces some real hang ups…


They quickly realize they need…


Top-notch marketing like:


  • FB Ads
  • Youtube Videos
  • Twitter Ads
  • FB Lives
  • Google Ad Words
  • And more…


They also realize they need….


  • Landing pages
  • Sales Pages
  • VSL’s
  • Webinars
  • Email Follow Up
  • Auto Responders
  • Shopping Carts
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Plus much more…


They also realize they need…


Copywriters to write emails, sales pages and VSL’s


Plus they need content to share with their market like:


  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Status Updates
  • And of course more…


Pretty soon you been in business for over a year, have made zero muney – in fact you’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to get your system in place only to fail.


So why do Franchise owners succeed?



The system is proven and it’s already in place.


As an online business owner, what if you were given a complete system like franchises offer.


What if you were given…


Blogs, emails, capture pages, offers, Sales letters, VSL’s, Webinars…


Plus given a sales phone team to follow up with your prospects for you.


Would you agree that if you were given a proven system where you just follow directions you’d have more success?


If you said yes – this might be perfect for you.


If you said no – best of luck creating all the processes and systems by yourself.


You can get a proven system here.


Avoid failure – Avoid Frustration and use the simple way to create a killer online lifestyle.


Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S. When I first had success online it was because of a proven system. Even now – I earn more from proven systems then I do from creating my own systems (the overhead is much lower).


Check out how you can get practically everything done for you RIGHT HERE.

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Magic Questions Skyrocket Simple Businesses…

Most have never heard that McDonalds only makes 17 cents on the initial order of a customer…


Yet – somehow Mickey D’s has gone on to build a massive empire.


Without further scrutiny it dang near seems impossible…


But the process is not difficult and to be successful you need to swipe a page from the Mickey D playbook.



And to ensure that you are on the right track in your business so you will be successful (make money) in your business…


Video #2 is ready for you to watch.

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this short video.


The only 3 ways you can make more money in your business and which one will put more green backs in your pocket…


The #1 reason most businesses can’t afford to run paid ads…


How the white bread approach can kill your business without you even knowing it…


The proper structure that any business can follow that almost guarantees they will be successful…


The typical process most online businesses take when they get started that destroys your chance for success and how you can AVOID that pitfall…


Swipe the magic questions that McDonald’s ask and inject them into your business to make more almost instantly…


Plus more…


Watch the video now – your business will thank you.




Shawn Andrew Walker

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The 30-Minute Workday…

Short sweet and to the point today.


If you’re like most you started a home business for more time and of course more moolah.

Unfortunately – you see people like Gary V out there screaming you have to hustle and sacrifice everything so you can go make a buck.


In my world – that’s NOT how I roll – I’m not so much a workhorse.



I would sacrifice extra cash any day to have more time to do the things I love.


The good news is – there is a simple way you can build out a successful business in as little as 30 minutes per day.


And you can see exactly how that process works in this video.


The simple steps are revealed and you can copy them for your business if you’d like.


Enjoy the video,


Enjoy working less and having more.


Shawn Andrew Walker



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Lifestyle Cold War…

Yesterday a friend reminded me of a story that strikes a nerve deep inside…


He called the story:

Lifestyle Cold War…


The story is Fred, and he may shares some similarities with you and I…


Fred went to law school and became a very successful, but unhappy lawyer. He hated being a lawyer, but continued because he had a family, kids, mortgage and bills to pay.


I met him at a class reunion a year before tragedy struck… Fred was a bitter unhappy man. Fred said “All I do is sweep up behind rich guys. They pay me nothing. I hate what I do and who I work for.”


“Why don’t you do something else”? I asked.


“I can’t afford to stop working, I have bills a house payment and more importantly my first child is entering college.”


Fred made a lot of money via his profession, but he was emotionally angry, spiritually dead, and soon his body followed.

Fred died before his child graduated college.


No amount of money is worth missing your child walk across the graduation stage, walk down the isle or have their first child.



Life is precious and so is your time – there is no need to spend your precious minutes making less then you deserve, working for someone who doesn’t appreciate you, or doing something you dislike.


There are other options – you can have your time – you can dictate your income and you can control your lifestyle.


Avoid getting caught in the Lifestyle Cold War like Fred…


If you’re ready to take control of your life you can start by

downloading this Guide.


These are the Cliff Notes to 10K Per Month Online.


And you can have them Fre.e For a limited time.


Download Your Cliff Notes Here.


Shawn Andrew Walker


P.S. Jorge Mateo, a 25-year old former bus boy, started his online business and has made over $100,000 in just 7 months.


You can have success and the Cliff Notes To

10K Per Month Online Are Here

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The Funnel Hack Myth…

Internet marketers today just seem to sugar coat the truth and make big giant claims.


But when you read true stories from real people, here’s how it sounds…


Nathan Says:


Everything seems so difficult and over my head. I’m trying to funnel hack so I purchased the product and screenshot each page of the product. When I go to Clickfunnels to make a sales funnel for the product, do I make it look like the product and then put the affiliate link it at the end of the funnel that I created? Everything is so confusing I hardly understand it. Any help would be much appreciated.


Funnel hacking may sound cool – and don’t get me wrong – Russell’s a cool dude and great at what he does, BUT…



Funnel hacking is like watching an NFL game and then heading onto the field and expecting to have results like Tom Brady. It ain’t gonna happen.


Online marketing is a long-term game – there is much to learn and many failures to face.

The online game can provide you a killer lifestyle – but it sure isn’t a get rich quick deal… make sure you’re ready for the long game.


Yes – training can short cut the failures and wasted money… but watch out for the hype and nonsense.


In fact – I’ve laid out the foundation to any successful online business here…


You can read it here.


Shawn Andrew Walker

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