Attack The Marketing Croc Brain…

Rumor has it… (Science actually)… the human brain has 3 components.

The good ole crocodile brain

The mid Brain


The neo cortex

The croc brain is as you probably guessed it… it’s the flight or fight part. Where it quickly decides if you should attack the foot being slung your way or avoid it.

The mid brain – well – it’s in the middle. No need to discuss that hear.

The neo cortex – that bad boy – its our logical brain – it breaks down numbers, facts figures etc.

Now here’s where the big ole disaster starts – our super smart neo cortex crafts all our sales messages and delivers them to our prospects…

Doesn’t really matter how they’re delivered – Written word, video, audio etc…

The person receiving it sees it first with the croc brain – and for most sales messages – the croc brain says “oh shyte this is dangerous, I’m out”

And the sale is gone.

Your goal is simple – craft a killer message that intrigues the croc brain so it sends it up to the neo cortex for further processing.

If you can’t do this – you will never survive in business.

With that being said – if your business is struggling…

This will really help…

In fact – someone just offered me 10K to teach this stuff…

Shawn Andrew Walker

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